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 Title Author Filesize approx.
1 Summer 1996 Origins of the Bicknell name  by Algernon Sydney Bicknell  (1832-1911)  15KB
2 Autumn 1996 Clarence Bicknell  (1842-1918) by Peter Bicknell   (1907-1995) 30KB 
3 November 1997 Ellen Bicknell  (1902-1994) Obituary 16KB
4 December 1997 Raymond Bicknell  (1875-1927) Fatal Accident in the Alps from the Alpine Journal 29KB
5 January 1998 John Rupert Bicknell  (1929-1997) Obituary 18KB
6 May 1998 Memoir of William Bicknell  (1749-1825) Marcus's great-great-great grandfather  68KB
7 July 1998 Peter Bicknell   (1907-1995)  Obituary   9KB
8 Winter 1999 The Controversy of the Origins of the Bicknell family The Counter-Argument by Robin Bush 20KB
9 January 2000 Ed Bicknell - Dire Straits' Manager Publicity biography 14KB
10 March 2002 Claud Bicknell  (1910-2002)  Obituary in The Independent by Leonard Miall 8KB
11 April 2012 Nigel Bicknell (1918-1990) - 1409 Flight "Pampa" 1944 by Marcus Bicknell. A short period of my dad's war, of interest to RAF researchers.  13KB 
12 July 2012 Clarence Bicknell and Reginald Farrer, 19 July 1910  PDF by Graham Avery 720KB
13 July 2012 Gordon Leith (1886-1964), Marcus's maternal grand-father  PDF  Obituary publishged in http://www.artefacts.co.za 359KB
14 January 2013 Elhanan Bicknell, (1788-1861) Oil Magnate and Art Patron  PDF Updated from the Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 05 by Marcus Bicknell 189KB
 15 January 2013  Phiz - The Man Who Drew Dickens (1815-1882) PDF Synopsis of the extraordinary research by our relation Valerie Browne into Phiz's birth and parentage. His sister was Elhanan Bicknell's wife.  92KB

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